Dry Rot Repair/Painting

Dry Rot Repair & Painting


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AT A2Z Home Improvements we believe in doing things right. There is a reason why our customers refer us. 

What sets our paint jobs apart from others is that we LOOK for areas of water intrusion and fix the challenges at the source reducing the risk of future dry rot. Another area where we are set apart from other painters is that as a general contractor, any work needed prior to, during, and after the painting is all done by A2Z.  Dry Rot (Carpentry), Plumbing, Electrical, Dry Wall, Carpeting, and more.  No need to hire another trade contractor to do work before, during or after the painting.  We do it all.  No job is left unfinished.

takes pride in delivering the very best quality work on each and every job. Fred is a hands on contractor who is part of all the work we do, so expect A2Z quality every time.

The key to a great paint job is to repair all the dry rot first.  Some painters will paint over dry rot which seals in all the moisture causing the dry rot beneath the paint job to spread.  The paint job looks great at first.  Unfortunately it doesn't last.  Not only does it lose it's great look quickly, but because of the underlying dry rot, the next paint job will cost much more and be necessary much sooner.  Not only do we make sure to repair all known dry rot, we also use "special" techniques that enable a longer lasting paint job. 

A2Z uses the same skilled workers on each job, and we expect them to continually refine their skills and to take pride in their trade.

Our crew is held to Fred's own standard of quality — A2Z Quality.  When we say A2Z Quality, we mean it.  You deserve the best, and we go the extra mile to make that happen. Give us a call, and you will see that we are different.
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