Fred, Shelley and their crew are great to work with. They made us feel like they would take care of our home like it was their own. They are honest, dependable and very knowledgeable about their work. We greatly appreciate their flexibility in meeting our project needs. We look forward to working with them on future projects for our home. -Miguel D.

A2Z recently removed dry rot from the front of my home and installed new siding. They were prompt, efficient, and focused on providing the best service and work product possible. Their work was top notch, and the team was pleasant. I would highly recommend them. -Rose Z.

Thanks for the great work. Can always count on you!  -Carolyn B.

A2Z is who I call if I need something fixed.  He has installed a beautiful water heater, fixed a sticky sliding glass door, leaky faucets, toilets, sprinklers,  an electrical component in my range, and fixed a stuck front door.  Fred is polite, quiet, neat, and very professional .  He will give you options on what you want done, and you decide what works for you and your budget.  He is a licensed contractor. -Liz I.  

We have been working with Fred for 12+ years. He has fixed the most complex problems we have had. He always does a very high quality work at a reasonable price. He is methodical and patient in getting to the root cause of the problem. We love him!!  -Srini S.

Thanks Fred for the great work done on our new water heater. No words can really express the great job that was done. 5 Stars :)  -Katherine A.

I was so lucky I met Fred in front of City Hall, Elk Grove. Asked him if he could work on our garage wall that was hit by our drunk neighbor with his vehicle. He inspected the damage, give me an estimate, saved me a lot of time and money. His personality is a big plus to his professional, very well done job! I will definitely call him if I need his professional help again!  -Mohammad R.

Fred did a great job painting the trim on my house.  Now house is sealed and painted ready for winter weather.  Very professional.  Will use again and recommend to friends and family. 
-Jerry S. 

Fred & Shelley.  Thank you for all the hard work you did on my house.  Everything is beautiful and I love it.  I appreciate how quickly you came in and did all the demo for me.  See you for future work! -Carla S.

We've used Fred on several occasions...he's great! -taylorck2 

As a Realtor, I have worked with many vendors and repair people as you might imagine.  Never have I worked with a repair person as conscientious and cost effective as Fred Ford.  ..... Plus he's just a darn nice guy and a pleasure to have around as he sets to the task as hand!  -Heidi M., Connect Realty

I too would like to vouch for the quality and dependability of Fred's work.  He even did a job for us late on a Sunday night, last minute.  That was going above and beyond in my opinion!  We won't hesitate to call for more service.  -Darla K.

I hired Fred do a couple small jobs for me about a year ago, and he did a fantastic job. I was very impressed with his professional attitude and his attention to detail. He took the time to do the job right.  This year, I had him paint my house and repair some dry rot.  I have had people paint previous houses for me,  but none helped me to select colors. Fred and his lovely daughter came to my house with the color wheel and helped me to pick out few color themes. He painted the sample colors on my wall to let me choose. When I did not "love" the colors I chose, he painted more samples until I found colors I "loved."  Fred is dependable, honest and knowledgeable about his work. I probably could have gotten the job done for a little less but with Fred, I have peace of mind knowing that the job was done right with quality. The house color turned out beautiful like he promised. His team was friendly and cleaned up when the job was done. I will call Fred first from now on. Fred is reliable and professional which is hard to come by these days. Thank you Fred.  
-Tammy L. 

A2Z repaired the dry rot on the foundation of the house as well as inside dry rot by the front door, rebuilt two exterior walls severely damaged by termites, rebuilt an exterior wall that had virtually no framing, replaced all the old siding with hardibacker (making the house virtually waterproof), replaced all the windows and sliding glass doors in the house, installed a new front door, replaced all the exterior lights, fixed some "funky" ugly outside plumbing pipes, installed vents in the attic, and painted the exterior of the house. The work went beautifully!  Fred Ford, the owner of A2Z, came out, took a look at the work that needed to be done and gave me an estimate.  The estimate was not only lower than the previous two estimates I had gotten, but also included Fred's obtaining the necessary permits (of the other two, one had not even mentioned a permit, the other had told me a permit was "optional" and I could get one or not, as I chose).  I originally had planned only to have the dry rot repaired and part of the siding replaced with hardibacker. Fred offered to replace one of the sliding glass doors for free if I wanted to purchase it.  Since the existing door was single paned, I decided to have it replaced.  Then I decided it would be foolish to have just the slider replaced without replacing the window as well.  One thing led to another and resulted in my having all the windows replaced with energy efficient double-paned windows.  (The existing windows had been "jury rigged" with double windows whose sole function seemed to be to provide homes for spiders and were impossible to clean.) I also had the existing sliding glass doors replaced.  

Many of the outside lights did not function.  Fred removed the ones I didn't want and fixed the wiring on the ones I did want (many of which did not turn on).  On one of the walls he had to rebuild because of termite damage, Fred installed a larger window than had been there before.  This involved inside drywall work.  The wall the outside pipes had been on was also damaged by water.  Fred also replaced the drywall on that side of the house.  He textured the new drywall to match the existing drywall.  It looks beautiful!
As the crew worked, they repaired the previous contractor's shoddy work.  At each stage, Fred made sure I was happy with the progress and what they were doing.
Fred is a meticulous worker.  If one of his crew did some work that didn't quite meet his standards, Fred would have him tear it out and replace it to higher standards and explain why the new way of doing things was better than the way it had been.  When the county inspector came out to check his work, he was very impressed.  Many of the elements Fred had installed were new to the inspector, but the inspector admitted it was an improvement over the "old" way.  
Although (or because) he is an exacting boss, Fred's crew enjoy working with and for him.  They know they can take pride in the work they do.  I had a roofer come out and give me an estimate for the roof who tried to hire Fred's foreman away from him.  Jesse told the person, "Nope.  It wouldn't be like working for Fred."
There is not room enough to detail all the structural omissions and things that were "wrong" with the house:  Framing was "pieced" together or completely lacking in some areas; headers over doors and windows were missing or were sub-standard.  Fred fixed it all as he went along.
Painting seems like a simple job, but it isn't.  There are many details that make or break a paint job.  Fred and crew took care with all the detail work, asking me how I wanted something finished and explaining why they were doing things a certain way, making sure I was happy with the results.  I am thrilled with how my house looks!  It looks like a new house! -Lelia P.